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Mortgage Rates Ease Slightly

Following a significant lull through the beginning of August and last week’s spike, key mortgage rates declined for the first time in over a month. The recent fluctuation in rates is attributed to ongoing concerns that the Federal Reserve will curtail its bond-buying program. After a 0.18 percentage point increase a week ago, the average […]

Welcome to my new web site

I have been in the service industry for over 25 years, working for fortune 200 companies and catering to their executives providing superior service, managing the budgets and personnel in their flight departments.  On a daily basis, I have been tasked with meeting individual needs and requests on an ever changing basis for top sports […]

  • Community Events

    Communication and Leadership Skills!

    Superstition Toastmasters

    Come check it out this Tuesday morning!  Members sharpen their skills by actively participating in meetings.  Every week our members get better at SPEAKING, LISTENING and THINKING on their feet!  One thing is for sure, we all leave inspired!...

    Tuesday Morning Pilates

    Pilates & ZumbaGold @ Active Bodies

    Pilates is a great way to tighten and strengthen all the muscles of body's core. The instructor is awesome at adapting to your own ability, so whether you're advanced or doing it for the first time you'll have a great workout!


    Active Bodies' HIFI CROSS-TRAINING (Group Training)

    This 45-minute session breaks the mold of conventional exercise programs. It is a blend of resistance training, cardiovascular conditioning, body stabilization and core development using dynamic body movements to transform the body and maximize...